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Our investment brokerage firm searches for and discovers companies with promising potential that their current owner wishes to sell. We offer them our investors with complete sales and purchase management on request.

Why choose us?

Broad network of contacts

We have an extensive network of contacts which allows us to have an in-depth knowledge/expertise of promising businesses for sale.


Gyorsan és hatékony közvetítői tevékenység, amellyel Ön nem marad le egy dinamikusan növekvő vállalkozás vásárlásáról sem.


You will find a vast range of companies of numerous economic sectors in our portfolio.

We will assist you

Are you considering entering and investing in a new market segment but you can’t find the right opportunity? That’s exactly what we can help you with!

Our services


We find what you are looking for with the Bilziton method and connect you with the vendor.

Company buying and selling management

Ha megtalálta amit szeretne, segítünk a teljeskörű adás-vétel lebonyolításban.

Audit of
the company

Not sure about your choice? We will vet the company based on your criteria, so are guaranteed that you are making the right decision.


Cold storage

It has been operating for 24 years, from the first owner, with a solar panel system!

Crop producing agribusiness

Stabil családi vállalkozásból nőtte ki magát, hosszútávú megtérülő befektetés! ELADVA!

VIP luxus

It serves the huge demand for housing for the elderly in modern conditions.

Mineral water

Excellent drilled well with moderately low mineral content. Water is the future!


With long-term hypermarket supplier’s orders. One of the most modern slaughterhouses in the country.

Gravel mine,
rock mine

It has been generating a secure and stable profit for 30 years with the best quality gravel in the country.

Nálunk a kézfogás egyenlő a bizalommal és a korrektséggel.
Bízunk egymásban.


Our business services are of the best quality and we provide our clients with the highest standard. Here you will find information about the history of our business, our philosophy and the values on the basis of which we build our activity.


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